Class Description:

Girls Intermediates 1:

A 75 minute class is to start some junior level tumbling skills on floor and put the basics on the beam! This class will use the high beams and begin using the high bar too!  A class to prepare you for Intermediate 2 skills.  Ages 8 and up

Girls Intermediates 2:

A 75 minute class is to prepare the gymnast for the high level skills. They will be working more on the high bar and high beams with skills. They will use the skills learned from Beginner 2 through Intermediate 1 and start connecting more than 2 skills together. they will be learning more leaps and jumps as well.  Ages 8 and up

Girls Advanced:

A 85 minute class is focused on the higher level skills. Will be working advanced level tumbling skills such as back handsprings.  The junior level tumbling skills will be worked on the beams.  Advanced will also be teaching what routines are on the four events and have mini routine’s to work on.  Ages 8 and up

Tuition for these classes is Intermediates $150 & Advanced $180 for one day per week for a 10-week session. If you wish to enroll your child for two classes per week, you will receive a 25% discount on the second class. Additional siblings will receive the standard sibling discount. The discount will appear in your account within 5 business days of registration, when your account has been charged.

Class Offerings:
For additional class information, please see our make-up policy and testing pages.