Covid-19 Guidelines

Covid Guidelines at NGC

Northfield Gymnastics Covid-19 Stay Safe Protocol

NGC is strives to protect the health and safety of its families and employees by observing the following protocol to prevent the spread of disease.


· All Employees have signed and will abide by the Employee Agreement

· Staff will not report to NGC if they have a temperature of 100.4+ or any other Covid-19 symptoms

· Staff will take their temperature prior to the start of their shift and wear a mask while inside the building unless health guidelines indicate it is no longer necessary

· Staff will thoroughly wash hands at the beginning & end of their shift and sanitize between classes

· Staff will limit their direct physical contact with athletes whenever possible. Drills and equipment will be used when possible but spotting will be used to maintain the safety of the athletes.

· Staff will adhere to MN Dept of Health guidelines in addition to those required by NGC

Cleaning and Disinfecting:

· The Gym has been deep cleaned and disinfected prior to the initiation of any classes as of Sept 1st, 2020

· NGC will use EPA approved cleaners and disinfectants that are appropriate for Covid-19 wherever possible

· All surfaces in the gym and lobby will be disinfected multiple times daily

· Sanitization stations will remain available for all employees and athletes

· Drinking Fountains will be unavailable, students are encouraged to bring personal water bottles

Entering/Exiting/Athlete Drop-off

· All patrons will assess for symptoms of illness prior to arrival at NGC and only enter if they are free of symptoms

· All patrons will be expected to enter through the front doors (glass) and exit the building through the side door

· Athletes will stop at the sanitation station for temperature checks and hand sanitization prior to proceeding the lobby/gym

· All patrons must enter the building with a face covering. The face covering must remain in use according to the MN Dept of Health guidelines

· Patrons must maintain social distance in the lobby and the gym.

Classes and Instruction

· Classes will be staggered whenever possible to limit pick up and drop off traffic

· Lesson plans will be modified to limit partner work and increase distance amongst participants

· Multiple chalk stations will be provided for classes where use of chalk is a necessity

· Grips, chalk, wire brush, tape and athletic braces will be kept in the athlete’s backpack/bag when not in use

· Athletes will be allowed to use the restroom when space between athletes can be maintained

· Spotting will be used when needed to maintain the safety of the athlete

· Athletes and coaches will sanitize their hands before and after class and throughout class as needed

NGC is implementing a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan with policies and procedures to assess every employees’ health status prior to entering the workplace. The temperature of NGC employees will be taken at the beginning of every workday prior to entering the workplace. NGC employees must stay home when they are sick, when any household members are sick, or when required by a healthcare provider to isolate or quarantine themselves or a member of their household. NGC is also asking visitors to not enter the facility if they are sick, when household members are sick, or when required by a healthcare provider to isolate or quarantine themselves or a member of their household. In addition, NGC’s COVID-19 Stay Safe Protocol implements guidelines for hygiene, social distancing and disinfecting.

Athletes/Parents Responsibilities:

· Parents of athletes will be advised to monitor their child for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Athletes should stay home when they are sick, when household members are sick, or when required by a healthcare provider to isolate or quarantine themselves or a member of their household.

· Parents are asked to take the athletes temperature prior to drop off. The temperature should not be over 100.4 F. Staff will also be taking the athletes temperature and we reserve the right to send the athletes home if they meet 100.4 or higher

· Parents of athletes will be asked to report any family members who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 to their coach and to follow CDC recommended precautions.

· Masks are mandatory at this time for all patrons entering the building.

· Please make sure your athlete is properly fed prior to practice. Practices will not include a snack break, no vending machines will be available, and food will not be allowed on-site for athletes unless it is medically required (please communicate with your coach in advance.)

· Athletes must bring a filled water bottle. Drinking fountains will not be available on-site.

· Team athletes must bring a personal chalk container labeled with their name. (A quart-size ziplock bag or small Tupperware container will suffice.) Chalk will be provided to each student by NGC.

· For those that use water on their grips, each athlete will need to equip themselves with a small-sized, pump-spray water bottle (also with their name on it.)

· Grips, wrist guards, heel cups, and all gymnast personal equipment will need to be kept by each gymnast and brought to and from each practice. No storage of gymnast personal equipment will be allowed on-site.

Please be ADVISED: Direct contact is a possibility between coach and gymnast. While NGC is enforcing social distancing practices of employees and children, when spotting is necessary for safety or a physical injury occurs NGC will be providing direct care which may require direct physical contact. If a parent/guardian does not want their child to assume that risk, your athlete/s should not return to NGC at this time.

Covid-19 Symptoms



Shortness of Breath


Muscle/body Aches

New loss of taste/smell

Sore throat




What if I develop symptoms or Covid-19?

If the Athlete has Covid-19 Symptoms:

Do not go to practice/game. Inform your coach that you’ve been having symptoms and when they started.

Is symptoms persist or worsen in 24 hours:  Get tested at clinic and self isolate until results return. If negative but symptoms persist, continue to self isolate for 10 days. If positive, self isolate. See next.

If you Test Positive for Covid-19:

Persons with covid-19 can leave isolation and return to normal activities 10 days after symptom onset, if they have not had a fever in 24 hours AND symptoms are resolving. Athletes are strongly recommended to contact their health care provider before returning to sports.

In the Case of an Athlete Exposure

*Exposure in this case is contact within 6ft for 15 minutes or more cumulative minutes at a distance of less than 6 feet from someone who has a confirmed case of Covid-19 or within 48 hours of that person developing symptoms.

  • Notify the coach immediately that your athlete has been exposed to a lab-confirmed Covid-19 case.
  • Any athlete that has been exposed to a positive Covid-19 case must self-isolate for 14 days from the last contact with the lab-confirmed case and cannot return to practice until those 14 days are up.
    • A negative test does not permit return to practice during these 14 days.
    • Depending on circumstance, the group the athlete normally practices with may have to self-isolate as well.  This will highly depend on timing of exposure during infectious period - the gym will figure this out on a case-by-case basis and notify affected families.