Covid-19 Guidelines

Important COVID updates from NGC

As a community gym one of our goals has always been to make decisions in the best interest of the community. That being said, NGC will be temporarily requiring everyone aged 3 and older who enters the gym to wear a mask, effective Monday, January 17. This includes classes, open gyms and birthday parties. Occasionally masks pose a safety concern in our programs, as such when this occurs, athletes will be allowed to pull their mask down temporarily while working these skills.

While we understand there are strong opinions on this matter, NGC’s utmost priority is the wellbeing and overall success of our athletes, and we know their ability to remain in an in-person learning setting is a major contributor to both of those things. With the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that achieving uninterrupted in-person learning (and a return to in-person learning for some athletes from outside of the district) will require immediate collaborative efforts to maximize those the Northfield and surrounding School Districts have already employed. We hope these measures will also help reduce illness-related disruptions to the current session at NGC.

As always, if your athlete is sick, PLEASE keep them home! This is our first line of defense against ALL circulating illnesses. We will work with you to schedule a makeup class, provide an open gym pass or credit the class for you when your athlete misses class due to illness. If you have questions or to request a refund of a missed class due to illness, please contact

NGC follows the CDC guidance on returning to the gym after sickness. You can find the most updated guidance here.

We will continue to evaluate the public health data and guidance often to determine when this temporary measure can be lifted. We appreciate your cooperation and collaborative dedication to the wellbeing and overall success of our athletes!

Northfield Gymnastics Club