Private Lessons

Private Lessons at NGC provide an opportunity for athletes to work on specific skills 1 on 1 with a coach of their choice.

Private or semi private (2 athletes) lessons are available in 30 or 60 minute sessions during regular operating hours.  For the safety of our coaches, athletes and families, it is NGC’s policy to never allow a single coach with an athlete in the gym alone.

To schedule a private lesson with one of the coaches below, please fill out our google form, once received please allow up to 3 business days for the coach to be in contact with you.

Private lessons are priced according to the coaches certification level.  Development coaches are experienced in Beginning and Intermediate recreational gymnastics.  Team Coaches are experienced in all recreational levels and up to intermediate team levels.  National Coaches are experienced in optional and elite level gymnastics or a specialty division of gymnastics (like strength & conditioning).

Development Coach Fees

60 Minute Lesson - $50

30 Minute Lesson - $35

Team Coach Fees

60 Minute Lesson - $60

30 Minute Lesson - $45

National Coach Fees

60 Minute Lesson - $70

30 Minute Lesson - $55

NGC Private Lesson Coaches



NGC offers beam and floor choreography for competitive athletes at all levels.  Each coach who offers choreography at NGC has their own rate for routines, depending upon their experience.

Each choreography session booked at NGC includes the following:

- FLOOR: 2 Hours in-gym learning time (each choreographer will split this time up in a different way)

- BEAM: 1.5 Hours in-gym learning time (each choreographer will split this time in a different way)

- Video of routine with verbal instructions (both floor & beam)

It is the responsibility of each athlete to provide the following to the choreographer:

- Music File

- Skills to be included in routine

- Any special requests

To book a Choreography Session with one of our coaches — Fill out the Google Form.  The requested choreographer will contact you within 3 business days of submission.

NGC Routine Choreographers

5A8A3697 - Adi Dack

Adi Dack

Hi everyone! My name is Adi, and I am currently a nursing student at Gustavus Adolphus College. I am also part of their gymnastics team where I compete beam and floor! I have been doing gymnastics at NGC since I was three years old, competed on Northfield’s high school team for four years, and I have been coaching here since I was 14. I also was a dancer for 11 years on top of gymnastics so I have a great love for choreography. I have been choreographing floor routines for about 4 years now, and I typically do floor routines for MAGA and High School gymnasts, but I am open to more!

Floor Choreography: $125

Choreography sessions will be about an hour and half, and then I will also do a fine tuning/touch up session in the fall before competition season starts.


Camryn isaak

My name is Coach Cam and I grew up in the gym, from the beginning of my competitive career I have always had a passion for showing off floor and creating routines that show the personality of the athlete.  I’ve been a competitive coach for over 3 years and love working with kids, prior to that I coached recreational gymnastics and competed up to level 8 and high school.  I enjoy getting to know the athletes that I choreograph for and making their routine unique to them.  I have experience in NGA, USAG and MSHSL routines and requirements.

Floor Choreography: $175

Scheduled in 2 sessions of 45 minutes and 1 “touch up” session of 30 minutes.  Typically session 1 & 2 scheduled a few days apart and session 3 scheduled 2 weeks later.

Beam Choreography: $125

Scheduled in 2 sessions of 30 minutes each and 1 “touch up” session of 30 minutes.