The Northfield Gymnastics Club believes that everyone should have the opportunity to become a member of the gymnastics club. Below you will find steps to take for resident and Non-residents of Northfield.  All enrollment is subject to approval by the CAC or the NGC Board.

If you have any questions please call the office, we would love to help. Office: 507-301-3880


Residents of Northfield

A combination of NGC's revenue and the Community Action Center (CAC) monies are pooled to ensure that scholarships are offered for our programs.


  1. Call or visit NGC to speak with NGC's CAC representative. This will ensure a spot until the fees are applied.
  2. Call or Visit the CAC of Northfield to start the scholarship process.
  3. CAC will confirm with NGC via email that funds are allocated toward your account.

Non-Residents of Northfield

The gymnastics club sets aside a percentage of its revenue for persons needing a scholarship and who are not from Northfield.


  1. Print off and fill out the scholarship form below.
  2. Turn the form into the office ASAP and help you enroll in the appropriate class.
  3. NGC will contact you on the status of your scholarship.
  4.  Below is the link for the scholarship form.

Please download an application by clicking here.