NGC Competitive gymnastics

Girls Competitive Gymnastics at NGC puts an emphasis on team unity, strength and perseverance.  Athletes enter our competitive program through tryouts, team prep class (held in the spring) or our year-round pre-team class.

NGC believes there is a path for each Athlete to pursue gymnastics that fits their commitment level, schedule and goals. We are members of two different competitive gymnastics associations MAGA (Midwest Amatuer Gymnastics Association) and NGA (National Gymnastics Association).

MAGA is a regional governing body designed to prepare athletes to compete for MN state high school gymnastics teams. Requiring optional level gymnastics skills to be successful in this program, most athletes begin competing after a few years of practicing gymnastics skills. With typical training hours ranging from 7-10 hours/week and competitive season from November through February which follows the high school gymnastics season.

NGA is a nation-wide governing body offering competitive gymnastics opportunities for athletes at all levels of the sport beginning at age 5. With 14 different levels of competition requiring a different skill set at each one, athletes move through this program while gaining gymnastics skills. Typical training hours for this association range from 4-12 hours/week depending upon difficulty level of skills. Competitive season for NGA runs from November through March with Championship season to follow and include State, Regional and National competitions. This association does typically have the option to travel outside of the midwest during the regular season and then for Regionals & Nationals.

Athletes and families may choose which association best fits their schedules, budget and lifestyle at NGC.  We do our best to work with families so that competitive gymnastics is an enjoyable part of their athletes childhood.

If you are interested in competitive gymnastics and having your athlete assessed, please contact Mark Morphew (Mark@Northfieldgymnastics.com) or Krystal Wallerich (Krystal@Northfieldgymnastics.com) for more information.

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